Monday, September 12, 2011


So, as I was driving back from taking my son to kindergarten today, I passed a house that has been having a yard sale for the past week and a half.  Today I noticed some Halloween items that weren't visible on previous days.  I stopped to take a look.  The proprietess of the yard sale informed me that the Halloween items would not be for sale until Wednesday, but I was free to take a look.  As I was perusing her wares, she asked me if my back was sound. I replied that it was and she said that she would be willing to let me buy Halloween merchandise early and make me an extra good deal if I would be willing to move some heavy boxes for her.  I spent about ten minutes moving boxes and about twenty minutes selecting my purchases and left with all of this for only five bucks.

These little hanging skeletons will be great for indoor decorating.
You can never have enough bleeding skull taper candles.
I am going to make a body for this oversized skull.  He'll look good in the cemetery.
A couple of blucky skulls and a really nice resin anatomical model skull.
I've always wanted one of these guys.  It's amazing how realistic the flame effect is on these.

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