Saturday, February 13, 2016

Create a realistic tombstone from extruded polystyrene foam.

Step one:

Place foam sheet on the work surface and select a tombstone shape.

Draw selected tombstone shape onto foam sheet.

Use craft knife to cut tombstone shape from foam sheet.

Step two:

Select a good "tombstoney" font and print up an epitaph, making it big enough to fit nicely on the tombstone.

Place the epitaph onto the tombstone in a selected location.

Using a ballpoint pen, trace over the lettering of the epitaph pressing hard enough to leave an impression in the foam.

Using a soldering iron, "cut" the letters into the tombstone.

Step three:

Paint the entire tombstone with dark grey outdoor latex-based paint.

Using a slightly lighter colored outdoor latex-based paint, dry brush over the tombstone to highlight texture.

Step four:

Using watered-down black acrylic paint, brush inside the lettering on the tombstone, letting some of the paint drip and run down the front of the tombstone.

Using paper towels, wipe the excess paint from the front of the tombstone creating a weathered effect.

Optional:  clear matte sealant may be applied to the tombstone for weatherproofing.