Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fangs For The Memories

I was at the grocery store running an errand and was looking for some Reeses peanut butter pumpkins for my wife when I ran across some candy wax lips with fangs in the Halloween section.  I showed these to my youngest daughter and she had no idea what they were.  I of course bought five sets, one for each of my four kids and one for me.  It took quite a bit of convincing for my kids to believe that they were really candy.

I think that the moustache wax lips are new.  I have no recollection of ever seeing them as a kid.  My upper lip is naturally folically challenged, so I bought a moustache for me.  I think it looks great!  And it's grape flavored.

I Finally Have a Minion!

My little brother has offered to spend the next five Saturdays in the garage with me getting the yard ready for this Halloween.  Yesterday we spent the day working on the new and hopefully improved cemetery fence.  We were able to get most of the fence sections assembled and painted.  Next week we will finish the fence and set it up that evening.  Then we will be moving on to some fun stuff like lighting and tombstones.  Hopefully we will get into a little corpsing.  I have high hopes for how much will be accomplised now that I have a minion of my very own.
Here's my minion running the paint sprayer.

Monday, September 12, 2011


So, as I was driving back from taking my son to kindergarten today, I passed a house that has been having a yard sale for the past week and a half.  Today I noticed some Halloween items that weren't visible on previous days.  I stopped to take a look.  The proprietess of the yard sale informed me that the Halloween items would not be for sale until Wednesday, but I was free to take a look.  As I was perusing her wares, she asked me if my back was sound. I replied that it was and she said that she would be willing to let me buy Halloween merchandise early and make me an extra good deal if I would be willing to move some heavy boxes for her.  I spent about ten minutes moving boxes and about twenty minutes selecting my purchases and left with all of this for only five bucks.

These little hanging skeletons will be great for indoor decorating.
You can never have enough bleeding skull taper candles.
I am going to make a body for this oversized skull.  He'll look good in the cemetery.
A couple of blucky skulls and a really nice resin anatomical model skull.
I've always wanted one of these guys.  It's amazing how realistic the flame effect is on these.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Doodle Time

Now that I am back in school and find myself sitting in classes for up to two hours at a time, I am starting to accumulate doodles.

These are some MATH 1010 inspired doodles.  I think I will chronicle my doodles (as crude and amateurish as they are) here as a way to gauge my overall level of boredom with school.

Tombstone Update

Here are some progress pictures of my new tombstones for this year.
These pictues show the tombstones after a base coat of grey exterior latex paint.

These pictures show the tombstones after a blackwash with some watered down black outdoor latex paint and then a drybrush with some watered down grey outdoor latex paint the same color as the base coat.  The last picture is of a tombstone that was meant to be just for practice, but it turned out looking OK.  I decided to make it part of the cemetery this year.  I still have some weathering and maybe some moss to add to these tombstones.  I will post more pictures when they are done.