Sunday, October 5, 2014

Yard of the Living Dead 2014 Part 1

Preparations are under way for 2014's Yard of the Living Dead home haunt.
 I didn't have time to make any new tombstones this year, but I needed to repair and touch up all of my existing tombstones.  I pulled them out of storage yesterday and put a coat of monster mud on all of the damaged spots.  When the monster mud hardened I put a coat of grey latex paint on all of the tombstones.  When this basecoat dries I will do a black wash and then some dry brushing to add detail. 
The fence is pretty much set up; I just need to hang the lanterns from the fence columns.  I have plans to make some fence finials following Discozombie's tutorial on Haunt Forum: will see what time permits.
The only good thing about having to store my props outside is that they naturally accumulate real spider webs and debris that add to the creepy factor.