Saturday, March 27, 2010

Please Consider Me as an Alternative to the Landfill.

I have received a reputation around my workplace as a Dumpster Diver.  Many of the conversations I have with my co-workers begin like this:  "Hey, Phil.  We were going to throw this away.  Do you want it?"  Well this reputation really paid off recently when I scored these babies.  Can you say, "Cha-ching!"
These are hollow plastic columns, finished to look like stone.  They look awesome.  These will be the posts for my cemetary fence this year.  I will space them about eight feet apart with some PVC pipe panels in between.    Because they are hollow, I can see myself wiring up lighting, speakers, and even fog machines inside them.
Here is a picture of one with my son added for scale.  They are almost six feet tall.  I scored about twelve of them.  More than enough to encircle my small front lawn.
Being hollow, they make an excellent storage spot for all of the PVC pipe that I also rescued from the dumpster at work.  You know, it's true what they say; it's not the pay but the perks that make a job worthwhile.

Dumpster Diving is the Life For Me

I manage a warehouse in an industrial complex in Smithfield, Utah.  Next door is a buisness that recycles glass, grids it up, and sells it for use in decorative concrete flooring and such.  They have bins out in front of their building where people can deposit their jars, bottles, and other glassware to be recycled.  I have reclaimed quite a few cool specimens in my dumpster-diving adventures.  This is some kind of giant beaker.  I can just see it on the shelf of a mad scientist somewhere.