Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's official. I love the D.I.!

Any prop-builder can tell you that thrift stores are a great asset. Whether you are poor or just plain cheap, thrift stores are the place to go to find "stuff".  Deseret Industries dominates the thrift store market in Northern Utah.  On my last visit to the D.I. or as John Whitten; an old wharehouse manager of mine and e-bay guru likes to call it "Opportunity Villiage", I made out like a bandit.

I picked up this rotisserie motor.  It actually works great!  Can anyone say flying crank ghost?

I also found these two high-temperature glue guns.  Now I can build myself a web gun that actually works.  My first attempt was a miserable failure; and I actually paid for a new glue gun.  Alas!

Copper tubing.  Just what I need to finish my fog chiller.

All in all a very profitable day for me.  If my last visit to the D.I. was one of those corny credit card commercials, it would sound something like this:

One used Kenmore rotisserie motor...$3.00.

One used high-tempurature glue gun...$3.00.
One used coil of copper tubing...$5.00.
Adding three new projects to your build this year...priceless.

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